Introduction from Dr Chris Allen

Dr Chris Allen

Dear Cardiology Colleagues,

Welcome to the British Junior Cardiologists’ Association (BJCA) Horizons platform.

Our aim is to respond to the specific educational needs of UK cardiology trainees in providing high-quality, curriculum-specific cardiology content in an accessible and enjoyable format.

For more than 10 years, the BJCA has been surveying the experiences and opinions of UK cardiology registrars in training. The same issues and specific areas of ‘unmet need’ recur annually. We will use the clear messages from the survey to determine the priorities and the architecture of our content. We will provide a range of educational resources, sourced from webcasts and AV recordings of the BJCA’s attendance courses, with lectures provided by the UK’s leading cardiology Consultants and from peer-reviewed, curriculum-targeted content from UK registrars themselves. We welcome feedback from users both to improve existing content and to identify other areas for future development. All content will be in line with international cardiology guidelines or research from Europe and North America, but our focus will be on UK training experience and clinical practice.

This project has been made possible through industry sponsorship, in the form of unrestricted educational grants. As far as possible, our content will be provided free, or with a small, nominal charge.

With best wishes,

Dr Chris Allen
BJCA President 2021